June 29, 2008

Go-Go White Sox?

Do not adjust your blog. This is still 4thebirds.

But sometimes in baseball you have to root for other teams in times when their success advances your interests. Case in point: Whenever the Chicago White Sox can beat the Chicago Cubs during baseball's "Rival Weeks promotion," Cardinal Nation smiles.

Normally, it doesn't matter, but after a hundred years, it actually does. That's because the Cubs have an NL Central lead on the Redbirds.

Simple baseball math: Sox win = Cubs loss = Cards gain.

Go-Go White Sox predates their decades-old Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-aa-aa, good-bye.

But winning baseball is even older than the Cubs century-old drought, so Cardinal Nation won't mind those winning Chicago teams beating each other up, as long as the one from the south side wins as many of the Capone-esque confrontations as possible.