June 27, 2008

Mulder's back prevents comeback

A June 26 4thebirds post from another network, by permission:

Pitcher Mark Mulder had taken a flight to Detroit in order to be evaluated for a potential start in the upcoming Kansas City Royals series. Now he has back pain. Nothing too critical, but enough to prevent him from any immediate consideration to pitch on the major league level.

Now Mulder will most likely head back to triple-A Memphis to continue his rehabbing, if it could be called that any more. His back troubles notwithstanding, his necessity with the parent club has lessened, now that Todd Wellemeyer seems up to snuff and ready to get back into the rotation.

Manager Tony La Russa said the Saturday start for Mulder in Kansas City didn't look like it would happen now, in so many words, and that whatever occurred, he had Mitchell Boggs ready to fill that slot if needed.

Sooner or later, Mulder will get a start with the Cardinals. If not in the Royals' series, the quite possibly, in the upcoming home stand versus the New York Mets or Chicago Cubs. One might wonder if it would be advisable to bring Mulder back for his first major league start in a long while against either of the two aforementioned clubs. The Royals, although every bit the tough foe of late, may be the more sensible place for the left-hander's return for trial.

Roster changes being what they are with the Cardinals, however, the situation could change on any given day. Mulder could get get the call at any time, just like many of the other players that have made that trek to the Bigs, only to get sent back down. Fellow pitcher Brad Thompson did it pretty much within 24 hours. At this point, Mulder might not mind the same treatment.