June 27, 2008

No joy in Ballpark "Mudville" Village

Outside a prominent corner of Busch Stadium, statues honor Cardinals' greats. The Gateway to the West Arch is within view, and much of the downtown St. Louis skyline shimmers with reflective skyscrapers. If you peer down the street, you can see the Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum. The setting begs for a major league ball game in a proud Midwestern city. And when you wheel around toward the reddish architecture of the stadium, you pause.

No, you're jerked to a halt.

Because that isn't the glorious Ballpark Village. Why, it's Mudville.

Yeah, that place where Mighty Casey K'd.

No, that isn't it. Although it does feature a muddy pool at one end most of the time.

City Hall's getting a black eye from the mud. And guess what? Uh-huh, that mud's gonna slide downhill, right into those beautiful, brand new front offices at Busch Stadium.

So if you big wheels and pols get to mud-slinging, do Cardinal Nation a favor and don't let the ... well, let's just keep calling it mud ... don't let the mud seep onto the ball field.