July 10, 2008

4thebirds... quoted on MLB.com for third time

If you look at MLB.com's homepage right now you'll see that 4thebirds... has been quoted, again!

This makes the third time in the last month that 4thebirds... has been acknowledged by Major League Baseball's Official Website.

4thebirds... now calls its blog on Blogger its main site, but still mirrors a lot of its material on sites carrying the same "4thebirds..." title.

The quotation on the MLB.com homepage is actually gleaned from the MLBlogs 4thebirds... site.

The writer, chetthejet, was thrilled to have been acknowledged.

The MLBlogs 4thebirds... mirror site. The is the article/post from whence the quote was harvested.

The MLB home page. Where the quote resides, but only for today.