July 25, 2008

Castellanos homers in one-run loss

Johnson City Cardinals (Rookie League): Dropped a close one last night, 3-2, at Howard Johnson Field to the Bristol Sox.

Alex Castellanos homered in the eighth inning, but a comeback was not to be.

Michael Blazek (1-2) suffered the loss, the third of four Cards' pitchers used.

Andres Rosales started, giving up one run on two hits while striking out five. Santo Maertz threw one out's work. Blazek came on next, giving up two runs. Blazek, however, did strike out six in his 3.2 innings or work. Joel Pichardo worked one out in relief of Blazek.

Castellanos also hit his ninth double of the season in this 3-for-3 game in which he scored a run and tallied one RBI.

Castellanos has been one of the rookie league Cards' squads' standout hitters.