July 17, 2008

Deal ... or no deal?

Deal ... or no deal?

No, the Cardinals are not guests on a popular TV game show. But as they go into the second half of the season, even those with a glass tumbler and an ear up to GM John Mozeliak's office door haven't heard a thing.

The scuttlebutt, however, is that Mozeliak has both hands, so to speak, not hovering over the big red button, but with fingers splayed over the plastic cover, and about to slam it down.

Is this poker face time for Mozeliak? Does he truly intend to stand pat with the (pun intended) Cards he has?

For Cardinal Nation, this is quite something to analyze, weighing the enormity of a trade in order to gain an "impact" player against ransacking the home-grown player development system.

It is doubtful the current roster is putting much thought into the matter any more. Many of them are too used to seeing players come and go this season, or are one of those players, able to give you driving directions to Memphis and Springfield like a well-learned script.

For the roster, then, waiting for some rumored deal to go down has probably become as uneventful as waiting for the next call-up or rehabbing player. That's not to cast a bad light on any of the hopeful situations, but to a currently active Redbird, it's probably something like a kid getting overly anxious while watching the chimney for any sign of those black boots and red pant legs--in July.

So if the best move is no move at all, let's make a public statement so the blue-collar Redbirds can get back to their successful grind. Besides, if there is an unexpected surprise, let's say, on July 30 or so, it'll be said and done without weeks of stressing.

This "deal-drama" is getting dragged out a bit too long, and could become counterproductive to the team.

Having made the plea, at least this portion of Cardinal Nation requests that Howie Mandel throw out the first pitch of an upcoming game at Busch Stadium, but not before he demands an answer to his most famous question.