July 31, 2008

Deal, or no deal?

With the trade deadline hours away, every blogger in baseball is throwing out predictions like candy at a parade. It's just too fun not too.

But I can only hearken back to former post on the Deal or no deal? theme.

And that particular question can only direct itself toward Cards' GM John Mozeliak. Can't imagine how much smoke is pouring out of his ears as his wheels turn today. You have to admit that even if the Cards are not hot on any certain deal, the possibilities have to be studied and kept on top of, so to speak, down to the wire, just in case something changes.

We don't want to "should" all over the Cards, but everyone is going to have an opinion on what the Cards should do.


  • trade for an "impact" bat
  • trade for a reliever, lefty, is at all possible
  • trade for another starter

But of course, there isn't a ball club around that couldn't use another light's out closer, or an impact bat, or another great starter. No duh.

Actually, just about anybody with true talent is a good fit for the Cards, so the best deal may be simply to make a great acquisition, if, there's one out there.

And if not, don't do anything. Ride with what you've got, meaning, the Cardinals should ride with what they have, and what they hope to have as far as the return and re-sharpening of Adam Wainwright and (now on the scene) Chris Carpenter. The same goes for Randy Flores and Chris Duncan.

Keep in mind one more item not hit upon as the Cards come down the stretch: Once the rosters can be expanded in September, realize that the Cards will have one of the better benches in the bigs. Suddenly, all these hitters and pitchers that have travelled back forth from Memphis are not only going to be available, but will have that invaluable experience of having been there.