July 6, 2008

Hard to compete with "Builduh-Bear"

Reportedly, you can pay a fee and build a bear, or a ballplayer, or some such product. And you can build it just the way you like it. You don't build one from scratch, of course, but it's still cool, and the end product is fantastic.

You don't have to stop at one, either. If you've got enough moo-lah, you can build more. As a matter of fact, you could build a whole team's worth? You could even put little blue caps on them with a "C" for Cool.

And if one breaks down, or you see one you like better, you can buy someone else's.
But what about the ones without the greenage? Hmm.

Well ... they'll just have to learn the craft of building something with limited means. They'll have to earn the knowledge for themselves, develop their own skills, then ply their trade. It won't be a "Builduh-whatever," but if it's done right, it might just fly. Yeah, get up, baby!