July 15, 2008

Ludwick gets second at-bat in 12th

Ryan Ludwick got a second at-bat in the twelfth inning, drawing a walk with the score tied at 3-apiece.

The All-Star Cardinal, Ludwick, advanced to second on a Nate McClouth bunt. McClouth was safe at first.

After a sacrifice bunt by Russell Martin, Miguel Tejada was intentionally walked, bringing up Dan Uggla with the bases loaded and one out. Ludwick became the lead runner at third base.

Uggla struck out and AL manager Terry Francona brought in Orioles reliever George Sherrill to face Adrian Gonzalez with two outs. Sherrill struck out Gonzalez.

Ludwick, then, had been in left field since the seventh, and got two at-bats to that point.

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