July 24, 2008

Near the nest

Today's word near the Cardinals' nest is all about the trade deadline.

Everybody who is somebody is deep into the dealmaking, except the Cardinals, and the seeming non-action is driving everyone nuts.


Because Cardinal Nation believes their beloved Redbirds have a shot. At the same time, it is obvious the St. Louis team needs to make some type of deal to get some kind of help.

Take your pick: bullpen, a bat, an extra starter? Two out of the three would be nice.

Out of the craziness comes the idea that Adam Wainwright might be utilized as a closer for the balance of this season. To even speak of such a thing shows just how silent GM John Mozeliak has been. Mozeliak needs to at least make some noise, take some of the frantic talk out of the equation before it bleeds back into the dugout.

And this is not just the fans talking. The entire media has hashed this thing through more times than La Russa has altered his lineup card. Out of the front office silence comes wild ideas, such as Wainwright in the pen. Sure, you can do it, due to Wainwright's talent, but all it is is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Such a move would like batting Pujols leadoff; sure, you can do it, because he's that talented, but why would you?

If La Russa has that much faith in his bullpen, he's going to have to leave Wainwright out of that equation.

About the smartest words heard near the nest concerned the starting rotation, in that whoever made up the group, they would need to go more than six innings, which is pretty much required of any rotation that is going to keep their club in contention.

The Brewers coming into St. Louis with their big trade deal shutting down the Cards wholesale to cap off three wins in a row and a series win before they even leave town isn't going to quiet the dealmaking discussion, either.

Starting with tonight's game, the last at Busch before hitting the road through the trade deadline, the debate will continue until ... well, we'll see.