July 2, 2008

Pineiro hunts another month for win; Martinez wants consistency

To look at Joel Pineiro's record, 2-4, you'd think he was a spot starter who got pitched because you just didn't have anyone better.
Not so.

To look at his stats, you get nothing much to pick out; he has gotten blasted in some losses and given up little in his wins. Nothing that makes you cup your chin and tap your lips with your index finger. He has pitched within his average or maybe a little better this season. Just doesn't have many wins to show for it.

To look at his performances, Tony La Russa should have every reason to feel comfortable with the right-hander on the mound, and, to hope that the offense will give him decent support, and, to hope that the bullpen will hold and save whatever lead might be available for the 29-year-old pitcher anxiously awaiting his first win since late April.

Pedro Martinez is somewhat anxious himself. The 36-year-old right-hander has seen better seasons, and those, several seasons past. He is struggling this year, having pitched only 30.1 innings and showing a 2-2 record with a high ERA at 7.12.

In an article posted on the New York Mets Official Web Site, Mets' manager stated that a choice has to constantly be made between keeping Martinez in the regular rotation versus resting his arm whenever possible. Manuel has chosen regular starting, hoping to help Martinez find some consistency.

So far this season, Martinez has given up almost a run per inning, and has allowed a little over a hit for every IP. He is a wily veteran, however, who has been a 20-game winner twice in his career. So whether or not he has his stuff, he'll know how to go about his business. Last night, Manuel used some bullpen, so if Martinez has any early difficulty, the Mets may not have all the options they would like.
photo by Alan Penner