July 15, 2008

Pujols singles in second at-bat

Albert Pujols hit an 0-2 pitch against the right field wall in Yankee Stadium, but was thrown out trying to reach second base.

For all you Cardinals fan who won't give an inch, the replay revealed that Pujols slid in with his right foot ahead of the tag, safe in the most technical sense. But as often is the case in major league baseball, that type of call is usually made based on the arrival of the throw, which indeed, beat Pujols.

One to rarely argue, Pujols didn't complain about the call. The second at-bat would likely be his last with the beefy rosters of an All-Star team.

Teammate Ryan Ludwick has yet to make an appearance, but 4thebirds will update any action by either of our beloved All-Star Redbirds.