July 1, 2008

Redbird Ramblings -- July 1, 2008

Official St.Louis Cardinals Press Release
The St. Louis Cardinals announced today that they have signed their first selection in the 2008 First-Year Player Draft, third baseman Brett Wallace.

The 21-year-old expounded in an FSN interview just how excited he was to see his name on the back of a Cardinals uniform. He admitted he was nervous for the first few swings he took in batting practice, with the whole team around. Wallace said that every player came up to him and made him feel welcome.

Wallace will likely be assigned to low-A Quad Cities, but is expected to work his way through the minor league system without much delay. As with any player picked first in the draft by a major league team, the expectations will be high, and there could be an unreasonable push by the media to see Wallace streamlined through the minor leagues. Considering how careful the Cardinals' organization is regarding the placement of players into situations they believe they can handle before tossing them fully into the fire, Wallace should be able to learn his way through in an efficient manner.

Wallace is supposed to be working at third base, and if you see video on his first day at Busch Stadium, you might double-take at the number on his jersey.

Albert Pujols is still looking for his 300th career home run.

The lineup, as speculated, is (with the exception of the pitcher's spot--eighth) is exactly the same. The 4thebirds preview on tonight's game laid out strategy calling for Adam Kennedy to play second base and hit in the ninth spot for Brendan Ryan, pushing Aaron Miles over to shortstop. Last night's lineup, however, is what will be, maybe falling into the category of: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

(photo by Barbara Moore, flickr.com)