July 18, 2008

Stat-Study: Last 4 games: Miles, Pujols, Ankiel, Glaus

It is not often that 4thebirds... slimes you with stats, but given the recent upsurge in the Cardinals' offense, 4thebirds... has done a sector study on a portion of La Russa's lineup.

Analyzed were the last four games (not including ASG), including Aaron Miles, Albert Pujols, Rick Ankiel, and Troy Glaus. The games included last night's game versus the Padres, and prior to the All-Star break, the three-game road series versus the Pirates.

The quick rundown is that the aforementioned four, accumulated:
  • 20 of the Cardinals' 32 runs
  • took 61 ABs
  • tallied 31 hits
  • hit 7 doubles
  • hit 1 triple
  • hit 7 home runs
  • tallied 17 RBIs
  • ran for 61 total bases
  • walked 6 times
  • struck out 6 times

The production value within these numbers would suggest Tony La Russa's lineup from the second spot through the fifth warrants the following order:
  1. --
  2. Aaron Miles
  3. Albert Pujols
  4. Rick Ankiel
  5. Troy Glaus
  6. --

This very order was employed by La Russa in last night's game, but we have not researched any of the Pirates' games against this design.

Other significant revelations from accumulative analysis (of these four hitters) include:
  • a .508 batting average
  • a home run hit every 8.7 ABs
  • an average of one base per AB