August 1, 2008

4thebirds...LIVE! reminder: tonight 7:15 p.m.

The live blogging event tonight is on for 7:15 p.m., right here on 4thebirds.

You do not need to register or download anything to participate. Simply use the comment box that will appear below the automatical scroll, type your remark, hit send, and once moderated, your in the discussion. That's it.

Moderation takes a few seconds, unless it's between innings, when, much like other humans, we run for snacks and beverages. You know the gig.

NOTE: Severe storms are expected to train through ground zero, so if things freeze up, disappear, or seem unattended for some length of time, figure we got knocked off the net. It has happened before.

If you use the "send author email" below the post, you can request a reminder of when the next live blog event will take place. Most likely, the next Cardinals' game.

See you tonight about a quarter after seven, weather permitting.