August 7, 2008

The Glimmer of Iz

Something good happened to the Cards today.


Oh, how the throngs have eased away from him, during a time when he needed Cardinal Nation the most. But Izzy has kept at it, as he always has, because, basically, if you don't give up completely, there's nothing else to do but keep at it.

And today, a glimmer of hope, because Izzy threw a tons of strikes in a variety of speeds and slants and curves and cuts and straights and locations. In other words, Izzy really looked as if he was in command and had his stuff.

Certainly, Tony La Russa isn't going to toss Izzy right back into the closer's role, but then again, if the game conditions dictate, don't be surprised if there Izzy stands, on the hill, in the next dicey situation.

It's just baseball, ever-changing, and on a daily basis. Today, it was bullpen up, offense down, and Lohse didn't do all that bad. Not his greatest day, either, but a starter getting through seven innings for the second day in a row is certainly promising for the team.
And today, Izzy gave up nothing but headaches to Dodgers' batters that were swinging at a "returned from the dead repertoire." There wasn't a zombie pitch in the bunch.

Yes, a glimmer, and an important one. It's things like Izzy's performance today that can be one of several subtle actions that lead to more subtle actions, and before you realize it, you have a team that has fought long and hard enough to have put it together and are ready to make a better run for a win, a series, a playoff spot, and so on.

The nice thing about baseball, as well, is that you get to keep trying, and that's something that Izzy has never quit doing. While some were busy booing, Izzy was busy trying. Period.