August 16, 2008

Poll results: 25 by 15th

In a recent 4thebirds poll, you were asked which Cards would reach the 25-home run mark by August 15th. Last night, Rick Ankiel hit a home run at the Great American Ballpark, but that wasn't enough for him to reach 25.

In fact, only one Redbird elevated is round-tripper stats to the 25-homer level: Ryan Ludwick.

Ludwick now has 30 home runs on the season.

Next is Pujols with 24, one shy of our poll's ceiling. Ankiel has 23, and Troy Glaus has 21.

You were allowed multiple votes on the 4thebirds poll and 94% of you were correct in choosing Ludwick.

Eighty-eight percent picked Pujols, who didn't quite make the mark. Other who you were less sure sure about, and rightfully so, were:

  • Rick Ankiel 47%
  • Troy Glaus 17%
  • Yadier Molina 1%

photo by Barbara Moore