August 2, 2008

Redbird Randoms ... LIVEblog 8-2-08


Feel free to participate in the 4thebirds...LIVEblog.

Questions and comments are moderated. Think before you post: Do not "send" information you wouldn't want to made public, as live blogging posts can be seen by anyone.

4thebirds... is PG-rated.

If you need to send chetthejet a private message, use the Email the author link listed below the post.

Not a chat room, but a live blog. Post if you have something substantial to add, including suggestions and criticisms. Haters, cussers, and the like will be blocked, which is irreversible.

Moderation during the live game blogs are relatively fast. Moderation during non-game time live blogs can sometimes take a while, since humans respond, and like you, may need coffee breaks, tea time, diapering the tikes, refereeing the preteens, breaking up the teen-slams, researching Cards' news, responding to e-mail, cooking dinner, eating dinner, tending to daily posts, showering once a week (whether needed or not), and sometimes even sleeping.

Rest assured, if no one seems to be at the helm, something came up, technical, personal, psychological, judicial. You're not being ignored. We'll get back to your needs ASAP, and believe this is a better trade-off than most round-the-clock "vicious help button circles."