September 12, 2008

Bird Land » Blog Archive » Title Bout: Pujols v. Jones

Bird Land » Blog Archive » Title Bout: Pujols v. Jones: "True to the scouting report that had him hitting well at home this season (.400), hitting well against Colorado in his career (.313) and pounding the opposing pitchers (.358), Atlanta’s Chipper Jones raked his way back into the batting title lead with a 6-for-12 series against the Rockies. That thrust him a few points ahead of Albert Pujols, .362 to .360.

This weekend, it’s Pujols’ turn to play the splits."

... This race will go down to the wire, obviously, but for Pujols, it will be a distraction as long as the Cardinals are mathematically in the hunt for whatever is left over in the NL.

Knowing how Pujols sneers when asked about home run hitting, I can just imagine the look on his face as he has to answer media questions regarding his 100th RBI, which occurred during a one-run loss to the Chicago Cubs, at Busch Stadium, and on a night when Pujols made a costly fielding error and made the last out with two men on base.

photo by Barbara Moore