September 12, 2008

Blue caps, to answer your question

By now, of course, the guest on the 4thebirds LIVEcast blog last night is long gone, but just in case, we finally found the answer to his/her question: Blue caps.

The question: What color are the caps the Cardinals are wearing?

I didn't have the heart to admit I was colorblind and didn't know for sure, but I guessed: black.

And then others who were posting comments about the current game strategy or play-by-play were offering their opinions. The top choices were black and navy blue.

The commemorative caps (911) were indeed described as blue in a related news story I'd found later.

So on a night when we were frantically posting our frustrations over the umpires' "non-balk call" relative to Marmol's super-tricky pick-off move to first base, we give pause to study and debate the color of a cap.

Crimanee, we'll blog up anything that moves on our LIVEcast, and we learn something new, every game.