September 9, 2008

Cardinals still believe going into Cubs series

Cardinals still believe going into Cubs series: "'I think every team has hopes,' first baseman Albert Pujols said Sunday after hitting a two-run homer in the first inning of the Cardinals' 3-1 victory over the Marlins. 'If you don't have hopes, you don't belong in the big leagues or you shouldn't be playing this game.
'Even though we're five games out (in the wild card) and nine out in the Central, we're still having a great year. Hopefully, we can finish strong and get the opportunity we missed last year. If we don't get the opportunity, it's another year that you kind of wasted.'"

4thebirds... David Wilhelm presents plenty of Cardinals' quotes relating to the teams' unwillingness to quit early on the season.

As you well know, 4thebirds hasn't even come close to throwing in the towel on this one. There's obviously a great chance to get a playoff spot. You can't rely on other teams to lose for you, but it doesn't hurt when they do, and lately, the way the Cubs and Brewers have been playing, things could change in a hurry.

A good portion of the Cards' destiny, as well, is in their own hands, since the Cubs are in town right now. Depending (and we hate to say that) on what happen with the Brew-Crew, this could be a three-game swing, and that could change things a lot.

In any event, if you're giving up, get off this blog, now.
photo by Barbara Moore