September 17, 2008

Cards live blog daytime session today

Another open live blog will be activated sometime this morning.
Cardinals Community LIVEblog Session -- All Access is the name to look for, the title not containing 4thebirds... branding so other Cardinals and sports blogs can embed the live window directly into their posts.
Most bloggers can get "on board" with some type of access to post entries throughout the day without moderation.
The daytime blog sessions are sometimes active and at other times static, as there is no live game progressing "in the background." The blog viewers tend to like them, however, because they can run like a news ticker, information posting at any time throughout the day.
Viewers can also send their remarks, comments, questions, etc. without having to register or download anything.
Contact 4thebirds... with requests and questions, or send a post through the live blog.