September 17, 2008

Cards not tired of losing

The Cardinals are tired, all right.

Just not tired of losing.

Not yet.

But they need to be.

Sounds like a cut-down, but in the truest sense of the statement, when any team gets tired enough of losing, they simply find a way to win, even when they're not good enough, or don't match up, or are injured, or fatigued.

No doubt, the Cardinals look demoralized, and at this point, they've tried as hard a team can try, and for whatever reason, came up short, a whole bunch of times.

Once more, there's little sense in going into numbers other than the final score. And even that isn't the point. The Cardinals lost to the Reds. Okay

Stats don't mean a whole lot in times like these. And you wouldn't want to follow them anyhow, as all the numbers are going to tell you is that you aren't getting it done.

It's a vicious cycle, and the Cards are in it, looking nothing like the team we all know they truly are. Odd thing is, they're still in the Wild Card. (The regular standings are no more. Done. Gone. The loss eliminated the Cards from any mathematical chance at getting into first place in the NL Central.

But the Wild Card is still there to go after, and that is something to play for. As stated last night, we wait to see if someone on the team steps up to take a leadership role, does something to push the Redbirds into a higher level of concentration.

Not going to grind them. That's too easy. And wrong.

In fact, I'm really liking this team, even more than before, because they still expect to play at a high level every time they take the field. And if they're showing that they're down a little, well, that's going to happen now and then. The next challenge is to see if they can tighten their belts yet again.

Look for real fireworks tomorrow night, if the Cards are truly tired of losing. Getting up in arms after the game is out of reach don't count. That means little. It would be better if they turned on the afterburners right off the bat, played like every inning was their last.

New day tomorrow, new chance to get after it.

That's what happens when you're having a rough patch.