September 13, 2008

Cheap seats blog: Someone make the suffering stop

Cheap seats blog: Someone make the suffering stop: "I am often asked if I think the season is over these days or if I hold out hope that the Cardinals could turn things around and make the playoffs.
My response has always been that, while the odds have grown increasingly unlikely that the Birds could dig themselves out of the hole they put themselves in, it's not over until the numbers say it's mathematically impossible to catch up."

... This Belleville blog by Scott Wuerz rages with frustration over not only the shellacking the Cardinals took in Pittsburgh last night, but when seems to be a lack of enthusiasm, Wuerz going so far as to accusing the non-star Cardinals of not trying as hard as the star-power.

There's not much positive here except the mathematical fact that the Cardinals are still in the hunt of a playoff spot.

If you like Wuerz, who covers the Cardinals inside and out throughout the season, read it; if you're indifferent, you can hear this tone in any Cardinals forum.