September 11, 2008

Cubs Even the Series | Mike On The Cards

Cubs Even the Series Mike On The Cards: "Ted Lilly is good, and that sucks. Really, he’s good. Seriously, that sucks. Lilly kept the Cardinal hitters off balance all night, lasting eight innings, giving up just one run on five hits. He was brilliant. To me, he looks hittable. I guess to Major League hitters, he’s not."

... Yes, Ted Lilly is really good. And he's smart (about pitching, anyway). And, he has command. And, he can change speeds.

These qualities make for a really good pitcher. The thing that makes Lilly look so hittable is that he doesn't throw all that hard. But his location and choice is outstanding, and make no mistake, Lilly knows hitters.

The earned run statement is valid, and frustration is valid. But so is Lilly, and as a Cardinals' fan, that does suck.