September 14, 2008

Do-it-all Thompson gets call for Cards | News

Do-it-all Thompson gets call for Cards News: "Brad Thompson is the Swiss Army Knife of the Cardinals' pitching staff. He can be used in just about any role, at just about any time.

Just this year alone, he's taken a wide range of assignments. He's started. He's pitched long relief and mopup in the early innings. He piggybacked Mark Mulder in Mulder's return from the disabled list, entering as a reliever in the first inning. He's pitched in the ninth inning with a save chance. He's pitched as a middle/setup man, and as a long man in extra innings."

... Earlier in the year, I was a little miffed about how Thompson was dispatched back to Triple-A after coming to the rescue of a starting rotation that wasn't able to, well, rotate. And it truly was the "how" that was irritating. Thompson had learned that he was heading back to Memphis in the locker room, informed by the media, before the Cardinals staff did. It seems no one on the staff bothered to tell him they had finished using him. Maybe there was a bus ticket in his locker that he hadn't noticed yet.

In any case, Thompson handled it professionally, and without throwing a fit, which he had been prone to do on the mound and probably his biggest hindrance to pitching his best. So here he is again. He sure has earned it.