September 30, 2008

Faith and Fear in Flushing :: The Legacy of Yadier Molina

Faith and Fear in Flushing :: The Legacy of Yadier Molina: "The last man to touch a baseball in a postseason game at Shea Stadium turns out to have been Adam Wainwright's catcher, Yadier Molina. That's really too bad, but really quite appropriate. Molina, you might recall, set the stage one half-inning earlier for everything bad that has happened to these Mets since he caught Called Strike Three on October 19, 2006. In the top of the ninth, he broke a 1-1 tie by driving in the final postseason runs Shea Stadium ever saw with a two-run home run off Aaron Heilman. In the bottom of the ninth, he wrapped his mitt around the final out of Game Seven of the National League Championship Series and ended October for all time at Shea Stadium. The two seasons since have ended, respectively, on September 30 and September 28.

Thanks Yadier."

... Mets' blog still soaking hankies over Yadi.