September 9, 2008

Fungoes » Blog Archive » About those 30 blown saves…

Fungoes » Blog Archive » About those 30 blown saves…: "If we’ve read it once, we’ve read it a thousand times (or so it seems): The Cardinals lead the major leagues with 30 blown saves. For our own personal sanity, we’d like to end the inanity of writers citing this statistic once and for all."


... Amen. But now we have statistics to tell us that statistics are worthless. Hmm.

Most stats are worthless anyhow. We writers actually use them when we don't know what the heck else to say, or maybe don't know diddly to begin with.

Hey, wait a minute. If stats are faulty, and we have a stat that tell us so, does that, therefore, mean that the "stat under fire" is true, after all?

We poke fun, but when you like baseball, stats are a nice attempt at putting some logic into a game that defies logic on a daily basis, so we need more stats to digest, and wait a minute, here we go again.

How about we just check out Fungoes, because this blog is pretty good at explaining the science of the maligned stat.