September 25, 2008

Izturis nears milestone for Cardinals | News

Izturis nears milestone for Cardinals News: "Cesar Izturis had a career-high 25 stolen bases while playing for the Dodgers in 2004. If the Cardinals shortstop gets some running opportunities over the weekend, that personal mark could be eclipsed.

Izturis stole his 24th base on Thursday as the Cardinals won their third in a row over Arizona."

... This is a component of the St. Louis attack that was just about non-existent last season. This year we got a smidgen of base theft from Izturis. We can see how much the pressure mounts on the opposing battery when Izturis is on base. The threat affects the pitches, it places stress on the pitcher, and can affect how the catcher calls pitches and performs behind the plate.

As fans, we don't always notice this part of the game because with Molina behind the plate, we luckily are rarely affected by this important offensive tact.