September 8, 2008

JS Online: Editorial: Wounded red birds

JS Online: Editorial: Wounded red birds: "Here’s a suggestion for St. Louis: If you want to stop the Brewers from celebrating: Beat ’em! Until then, chill out."

4thebirds... The Cardinals probably shouldn't take offense to the untucking, because the show has been going on for some time. It couldn't possibly have anything to do any specific opponent.

The rub probably has to do with the idea that the deal with honoring someone's father is something that would've been fine for a week, or maybe even a month, but the untucking act appears more as a show of sloppiness and disrespect, easily mistaken as aimed at whomever is at hand. Baseball has always been an honorable endeavor, hence, the wearing of armbands in mourning or initials sewn on or a patch of some sort, sometimes a unique jersey or hat.

The implication of disrobing on the field just doesn't look good, regardless of the intended meaning. What is going on here is something of the order of giving everyone that enters your arena the finger, then claiming you're inspecting for a sliver you got a couple season's ago. So, you can go on telling everyone that your intentions are honorable, but if you don't have enough sense to find a less offensive way of checking for infection, so to speak, you're going to look as immature as the so-called innocent act.

As well, there are sometimes implications of which you might not be aware. For instance, a player might think it's cute to wear his cap tilted off to one side, but in some inner cities, that's a very recognizable display of which street gang you belong to. On the field, you're cute, (for whatever reason, since you're supposed to be there to play professional baseball), but continue that behavior and walk down the wrong street, and you might just get capped.

Do you know what the significance of the untucked shirt means in some areas of this county? If the Milwaukee front office did, they untucking baloney would get squashed real fast.

As an old-schooler, the shirt-yanking is disrespectful, but maybe in this modern era, what gets the camera on you is more important. After all, it's only the integrity of baseball we're talking about.

And it's odd that baseball can make millionaires out of people who think nothing of showing such contempt for the game. Someone's passed father? If that was true, the jersey-tugging would go on regardless of winning or losing.

Of course, this is a team thing now, so not to play on the dead in order dig the opposing team might not be tolerated. After all, who wants to chance getting blind-sided by an honorable prince?
photo by Barbara Moore