September 29, 2008

Just wait'll next year!

The Cardinals 2008 season was one which found the squad playing hard every game and fighting for every out, scratching for every run. Nothing came easy.

Injury had a tremendous impact on Tony La Russa's team, giving Cardinal Nation the idea by the time the Mid-summer classic came around that "rotation" didn't mean pitching , but rather, was a description of the revolving door that seemed to find Memphis on the other side.

I'll bet more than one player kept a bag packed at all times and made sure not to delete any phone numbers from their cell phones relative to Busch Stadium and AutoZone Park.

Even several mainstays of the parent club had stints on the DL, but no one seemed to make any excuses for any bad day that came along.

And I never bought the crud floating around late in the season, whereby you could hear, "Well, the Cardinals did better than expected."

Well, for some, who had that expectation, that was true. Not for me.

I expected them to be as good as they were. And if didn't measure up in some ways, so what?

This is just baseball, to be enjoyed for whatever it is, with the best part of the experience in the effort put forth to get ... however far you get.
For the Cardinals, the farthest was yesterday. And although on most days you can say: "We'll try again tomorrow," we've hit that point in the year where we think of that smallest of Bad News Bears yelling, "Just wait'll next year!"