September 15, 2008

Kirkwood-Webster Journal | News | Dog-tired and tired of dogs

Kirkwood-Webster Journal News Dog-tired and tired of dogs: "Al Hrabosky, the former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher and current broadcaster, joined them for a hot dog at his restaurant.

“I’ve got a good dog,” he told them. “I’ve been accused of having a little bit too much mustard on myself at times.”

Hrabosky’s Chicago-style dog seems an appropriate addition to the tour. The Cardinals would play the Chicago Cubs later in the day at Busch Stadium. Executive Chef Steven Richardson talks up the hot dog. He listed the toppings — tomato, pickle, red onion, medium hot banana peppers and “atomic relish,” featuring buffalo wing sauce and sliced jalapeƱo."

... 24, not the TV series, but the hot dog challenge: 24 dogs in 24 hours, and Al Hrabosky's restaurant was one of the midway stops. Read the article, but hold the mustard!