September 15, 2008

LIVEblog viewers up

4thebirds... wishes to thank all the Cardinals Community LIVEblog -- All Access viewers who attended throughout the day.
Although the Cardinals had an off-day, the number of viewers eclipsed the average for LIVEcast blogging sessions.
The Cardinals Community LIVEblog Session --All Access runs slow at periods of the day, but it presents the chance for regulars of 4thebirds... to post a comment at almost any time and have it viewed on several web sites and/or blogs at once.
Author e-mails had questioned why the 4thebirds... title wasn't in the LIVEblog description. The reason for the absence of the title is because the LIVEblog can then be embedded on other web sites in a generic form that is more easily shared by multiple sites and/or blogs.
Just having the live blog on 4thebirds... is awesome enough. To share the blog makes it possible for every participating site to benefit from the cross-traffic. Viewers can post from a variety of their favorite participating sites in this manner.
Almost any site can "get on board" with us. It's so easy that if a site wanted in on tomorrow night's LIVEcast of the Cardinals/Reds game, for instance, we could get them up and running in probably a little over five to ten minutes. Bing-bang-blog, live.
Inquire if interested, but not within an hour of game time, as we need our own set up time.