September 11, 2008

LIVEcast reminder 9/11/08 Cubs/Cards

NOTE FOR ANY OTHER CARDINALS' BLOGGERS: You are more than welcome to hook up with the live blog, which can be run on your site and this site simultaneously (and any number of other sites as well, i.e., the live blog we use will run concurrently on three other sites related to 4thebirds. If you're interested, use the Email the Author link below this post, or just use the remark box during the live blog and inquire.

NOTE FOR UCB MEMBERS: Any United Cardinals Bloggers who wish to test the live blogging code, or use via e-mail invite, or otherwise would like to jump in for a few minutes to test the functionality of this device, please use the Email the Author link below this post if you do not already have my e-mail address. I will need your e-mail address that you would use for your Cover-it-Live account to send you the invite. Your invite will contain all the instructions needed to set up a live blog window, either in a browser window separate from your site, or with the addition of the live blog window within a post on your site.

For tonight's game, I will be doing limited posting in case someone needs some help on this. If you have a Wordpress site, you can still use this system, but you will have to do it a different way. Generally, Blogger blogs handle this very well, and most sites that can embed html code.