September 29, 2008

Lohse for four more

Kyle Lohse signed a four-year deal with the Cardinals Monday, reportedly, for $41 million.

He has a no-trade clause and received a $1.5 million signing bonus.

The deals gives the Cards four strarters who are signed to multi-deal contracts, including Adam Wainwright, Joel Pineiro, Chris Carpenter, and Lohse. Ryan Franklin is also signed.

The Cards still have a knotty situation, with Carpenter a big question mark.

Wellemeyer may go to arbitration.

Looper's great year, plus the fact that he can go into free agency, may outprice him with the Cardinals now that Lohse has penned his significant deal. In a great Cardinal World, the Redbirds would retain Looper and Wellemeyer, as health has now been honed down to only one of the starters.

It is possible that Looper may be dangled for whatever the Cardinals feel are the biggest needs to fill, and that may very well be some bullpen strength.

Then again, the Cards may just go for that big impact bat that La Russa strongly hinted at earlier in the season.

Unless the Cardinals make some quick moves, which would settle matters and allow TLR and staff to work on next season instead of waiting until they hit Spring Training, this will become a hot stove discussion that may go on for the upcoming holiday season.
photo by Iscan