September 16, 2008

No number fix for Cards

No matter how long I look at the numbers: of the game; of the series, the regular standings; the Wild Card standings, I can't make them read the way I'd like to given my bias toward the Cardinals.
So, the idea is not to look so long at that data. Even when the numbers are good, it's always a reflection of yesterday, and can never guarantee today, or tomorrow.
The St. Louis Cardinals loss tonight, another demoralizing game.
We know what we have on the squad. We know what we don't have. And we think we know what we need.
But while everyone spews ideas of how to fix things (usually by purchasing new toys because they can't figure out how to make the old ones work), how about we use these low points in the season to see if one or more players "steps up" or "stands out" into a leader's role.
To me, this is one of those bleak periods when you'd like to see someone who wants to get things on track so badly that they actually make huge mistakes, or refuse to back down from one of those shoving matches, or plays themselves down into the dirt and back up again.
Someone on this team has to throw down the gauntlet, so to speak, even in a loss, because at this stage, that is how you claw your way back into respectability. Doesn't even matter how good or bad the players are, or you think they are. Someone has to push it and set the bar not to a higher level, but a tougher level.
Enough said in a late-night post. No numbers can fix this situation. De-stress and get after it tomorrow.