September 28, 2008

Pitcher hitting No. 8 won't die with finale | News

Pitcher hitting No. 8 won't die with finale News: "Manager Tony La Russa said he plans to keep batting his starting pitchers No. 8 in the order rather than in the traditional No. 9 slot."

... No numbers were revealed on how advantageous the pitcher hitting eighth actually was, but it seems like half a dozen of one, six of the other. For decades, managers who wanted three table-setters in front of a particular hitter would simply bat them in the clean-up spot.

Still, the PHE can get your target hitter at bat in the first inning of every game, guaranteed, which can mean an extra at-bat now and then.

It seems to be a worthwhile study, but considering every team can always use betting hitting overall, maybe that should be the focus. You can start with the pitchers, if PHE is that important.
photo by Barbara Moore