September 12, 2008

Pujols at center of Cards' tough loss | News

Pujols at center of Cards' tough loss News: "Albert Pujols once again re-wrote his name alongside -- no, among -- baseball's absolute immortals on Thursday night. Then he showed that even a baseball immortal is human.

On the same night when he reached 100 RBIs for the eighth time in as many seasons, Pujols committed a costly error and popped up to end the game as the Cardinals lost to the Cubs, 3-2, at Busch Stadium. The loss certainly can't be hung on Pujols' neck. But a team that has gotten used to otherworldly performances from its superstar needed another one on Thursday, and it didn't get it."

... There's just no blaming Mr. Lopez this time. Pujols had his turn for a rough night, and with a lot on the line. And the worst part for Pujols is that the best thing that came out of last night's performance was his 100th RBI of the season, something he may have accepted better if the Cardinals had won. The RBI accumulation is more of personal stat, and doesn't have "team" written on it, at least, not on the outside.

Matthew Leach hits the important points of the game in this summary.