September 11, 2008

Pujols is clutch; is that even news worthy? « Redbird Ramblings

Pujols is clutch; is that even news worthy? « Redbird Ramblings: "so, what do you know? the big bad central division leading cubbies came to town yesterday. looks like the cards caught them at the right time.

big z and harden are both out, but the cubbies still had dempster (who has had a very good season as a starter) start for them last night. it did not start out very well. the cubs got two runs off of lohse in the first inning and another one in the third. dempster seemed to be on for five innings."

... Ramblings from Redbird Ramblings.

Not to be confused with 4thebirds "Redbird Ramblings," which had been used some time back, before realizing there was blog by that name. It's quite a common phrase, and no doubt, there's plenty more of them out there somewhere. But since, we've called one of our (almost daily) features, Redbird Randoms.

In any event, the link points to the blog, not any of our old posts.