September 11, 2008

Redbird Report

Redbird Report: "With Derek Lee at the plate, Lilly tried to score on a soft chopper to Ceaser Iztruis, who threw Lilly out at home. With the close play at home, Lilly went in hard at home, trying to jar the ball loose from Yadier Molina, where Lilly's knee went into the thigh of Molina. Molina suffered a bruised thigh which would later be the reason for him leaving the game after his at-bat in the bottom of the 4th-inning."

... Here's a game summary from a young sportswriter whose blog was featured on MLB Blogs. Quite a writer.

This is his About Me profile on the MLB site.

About Redbirdfan13
A St. Louis Cardinals fan all of my
life, I've grown up knowing quality baseball with the knowledge of the best fans
in the game. I've recently begun writing about baseball and just got an article
I wrote published in a decently sized newspaper that has quite a following in
the area I live in. I'm 19 years old and love baseball, hoping to enter into the
world of sports reporting or writing after college is done.
Watching baseball, writing, keeping up with
the MLB, and spending time with the Mrs's.