September 12, 2008

Redbird Report

Redbird Report: "Sadly, I was able to catch the balk instantaneously, while these Major League umpires couldn't pick it up. Any of the three other umpires could have stepped forward, but no call was made by any of them."

... Yes, folks, this is a game summary from Redbirdfan13, the same fellow who stepped up to the plate for 4thebirds and assisted with the better portion of last night's play-by-play on the LIVEcast blog of the rubber match of the Cardinals/Cubs game.

Our viewers might have had a hard time keeping up, RB13 was posting so fast, at times, down to the pitch-by-pitch.

And during the game, RB13 had a lot to say about the shortcomings of the umpiring crew when it came to a "non-call," which I figured would be part of today's game summary, posted on his MLB Blog, Redbird Report. (There are a few blogs by the same name, but this link takes you to his blog.)

RB13's article hits all the important aspects of last night's game, and he has a more current article re: K-rod as well.