September 14, 2008

Scott Wuerz blog: Ankiel will be going under the knife

Scott Wuerz blog: Ankiel will be going under the knife: "It's disturbing to learn after the Cardinals ran Rick Ankiel out to hit and play left field for the last month and a half that the pitcher-turned-outfielder's abdominal muscle strain is actually something worse.

He has an injury similar to Chris Duncan's 2007 sports hernia that will require surgery, the Redbirds now say."

... Ankiel's injury apparently was much worse than he let on, and that's the key. I believe Ankiel had led the Cardinals to believe that he was okay to swing, but that the running bothered him.

Still, medical and coaching staff might have questioned that, knowing Ankiel is a ball player who wants to win and will try to forgo any injury.

And further still, Ankiel, who has been injured before, knows this is not something you should take lightly or put off.

Wuerz is usually pretty hard on the Cardinals, but this may be a time when it is very appropriate, or, like Wuerz wrote, something should have been done weeks earlier.