September 9, 2008

Scott Wuerz blog: The highs and lows of 2008

Scott Wuerz blog: The highs and lows of 2008: "As far as the lowlights go, it's hard to pick just one moment."

4thebirds... If the Cards gave up as easily as Wuerz, this season would've been over during his favorite moment, which he states was somewhere during the first ten games of the season. Wow.

I can remember a whole lot of great moments during this season, and many of them came "the day after" a crushing defeat, when we learned how to hit the field with the proper and positive attitude, and no guarantees of success. That's gutsy, but most of the major leaguers do it every day.

Recognizing you're okay even when you don't run in first place is an important part of what gets you there.

Besides, this season is not yet over. If it truly was, negative writers should quit writing about it and get on to downing he next team, be it hockey or football or whatever.

Just don't see the benefit in being a quitter.
photo by Barbara Moore