September 11, 2008

Shaky 'D' costly against Cubs | News

Shaky 'D' costly against Cubs News: "ST. LOUIS -- As the schedule dwindles to its final two weeks, the Cardinals have little margin for error. They certainly have no room for two errors in the same inning.

Just such an unraveling doomed them on Wednesday night, with a pair of Felipe Lopez miscues turning a one-run inning into a four-run outburst. The ugly frame sent St. Louis to a 4-3 loss to the Cubs, ending a three-game winning streak and knocking the Cards back to 4 1/2 games behind Wild Card-leading Milwaukee."

... beat writer Matthew Leach tells the of the "ugly" game that led to the Cardinals' 4-3 loss to the Chicago Cubs last night.

Most articles regarding this game are hard on Felipe Lopez, but it's kind of surprising he hasn't made more errors, the way he has been bounced around that defense. Lopez makes no excuses.