September 9, 2008

Sports: Cardinals may employ Carpenter as closer rest of season | perez, carpenter, cardinals : TheTelegraph

Sports: Cardinals may employ Carpenter as closer rest of season perez, carpenter, cardinals : TheTelegraph: "'It would be great to be able to use Chris and Jason in the sixth, seventh and eighth,' La Russa said. 'That's the way it should work this year.'"

4thebirds... La Russa would like to see Chris Perez and Jason Motte throw, following by Chris Carpenter, which, isn't a bad way to go, on a temporary basis.

But no how much TLR wants to reward Carp for rehabbing so well and wanted to know just where he's at before the season ends, there must be some realization that Carpenter should be working toward next year's starting rotation. Like it or not (and we do like it at 4thebirds...), Perez and Motte ought to be the one-two punch from the pen next year, even they are split by a specialist reliever or even someone who simply mixes pitches below the 90-mph mark.

There's many ways to be effective in that pen, but these rookies really do need to learn their way for the Cardinals to be successful. And there's no reason why it can't happen.

As for the current statement to use Carp, once per series is probably all that's going to happen, and then, we'll get a chance to see just how much faith TLR has in the former ace by what situations the Cards' skipper is willing to call upon him from the bullpen.

In any event, the addition of Motte has solved way more problems with bullpen choice than most people realize. The fact that Carp is out in the pen due to his comeback ordeal hasn't really changed that, and it would be dangerous to get too comfortable with him out there anyhow. After all, how long would it be (next year) before your starting rotation would be thumping every time it went around, like a bad tire.

More critical than where and when Carpenter pitches at his point is that he pitches at all, because he needs to go into the off-season knowing he can perform, then work on what needs work, not worry about unknowns like whether or not he can even throw at the big league level any more.
photo by Barbara Moore