September 11, 2008

STLtoday - Cards suffer world of hurt

STLtoday - Cards suffer world of hurt: "I'm assuming it was a little breezy late Wednesday night on the streets of Wrigleyville. But that wasn't a gust coming off Lake Michigan on Chicago's North Side. More likely, the mighty wind was whipped up by thousands of Cubs fans who exhaled simultaneously after their heroes put down the Cardinals 4-3 at Busch Stadium."

... A much more even-tempered and effective piece by Miklasz, whose normal column seems to contain at least one item that pisses somebody off.

(Then again, don't we all?)

You can see he's still trying to ease his way back from his "Redbird Write-off" a few days ago.

This is how you do it, Bernie: When I projected Pujols would go on a tear for the last two games of this series with the Cubs, I was wrong. Oh, he has hit (2-for-4), but honestly, not like I was figuring. So the correct response is: "Man-oh-man, did I ever call that one wrong!" I'll say that, and I don't even have an audience. (Maybe that's why? Hmm.)

Must forgive Bernie, however, because we know if he didn't care about the subject matter of which he writes (in this case, the Cardinals), he wouldn't rant and would probably become a bit dull. We're pretty sure the Post-Dispatch don't pay for "Dull," so we get it.

In any event, the article explores we can speculate is just about how most of Cardinal Nation feels, and there-in lies Bernie's gift.

(Note: This isn't a love-hate rant; Bernie Miklasz really is respected around here.)