September 10, 2008

STLtoday - Carpenter is unavailable

STLtoday - Carpenter is unavailable: "'I'm not your typical reliever,' said Carpenter, whose last relief appearance was in 2000. 'Recovery-wise, we have to be smart, and I didn't recover well enough lately to take the chance and throw me back out there. ... The point is, we're not going to take any chances if there's any doubt whatsoever.'"

... Derrick Goold grabs some quotes off of Carp and TLR, putting together this piece that lines out just how and when (if at all) the Cardinals will use him.

Currently, Carpenter is delegated to the bullpen, but he has never felt, by his own admission, well enough to throw since he has been out there [in the bullpen].

In fact, there appears to be so much worry over whether Carpenter should pitch any more this season, one has to wonder if he simple shouldn't shut it down for the balance of the 2008 season. What is probably keeping him in uniform right now is that there is: a) no roster conflicts or problems; b) the Cards are still in the hunt; c) he wants to.