September 10, 2008

STLtoday - Fielding flaws cost Cards

STLtoday - Fielding flaws cost Cards: "Widely referred to as overachievers, the Cardinals used consistent defense and solid fundamentals to climb into contention this season. The absence of same Wednesday escorted them to fourth place. MORE CARDINALS
BIRD LAND: A user's guide to Albert's elbow "

... The Cardinals may not have played up to the standards of some folks, but they did play a tough game against maybe the best team in baseball, and are in a position to win the three-game series tonight.

Joe Strauss covers the hot spots of the game, taking a pretty tough line on substituting third baseman Felipe Lopez.

All knocks aside, all the Cardinals really need to do is put the loss behind them, right next to the wins, and get ready to play the next game of "this is the most important game of the season." That's September, and it's great that the Cards are here.