September 6, 2008

STLtoday - La Russa expects commitment from club

STLtoday - La Russa expects commitment from club: "PHOENIX — Just over three weeks remain in the first installment of his two-year contract. Tony La Russa says he likes his team and likes his job."

4thebirds... This is the Joe Strauss article in, the online publication of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The piece has promoted a lot of discussion around the Cardinals blogs and became a considerable topic on FSN Midwest.

TLR has probably had this view of the Cardinals' organization for some time, but his timing on when to verbalize his viewpoint was excellent. Imagine TLR making this statement at various times of this season and you can see how his words would've been mangled by anyone with a keyboard and a chip on their shoulder.

The Cardinals' skipper promoted his stance in no uncertain terms, which is something the entire organization and the fans needed to hear. He craftily distanced himself from administrative positions, taking no heat for any lack of decisiveness and not exactly condoning anything that has been done as far as personnel moves.

The mere fact that TLR's position was articulated without any ambiguity puts the focus of Cardinal plans squarely on the shoulders of the front office, who now may feel compelled to take actions the might've dragged their collective feet upon before.

Check out Strauss. He's all over this subject and asked the right questions. The difference in this article, however, is that TLR was finally ready to answer.
photo by SD Dirk