September 8, 2008

STLtoday - On special day, Pujols makes home run a 'Walk in the Park'

STLtoday - On special day, Pujols makes home run a 'Walk in the Park': "Said Pujols: 'You always hear all these kids say hit a home run for them. Obviously these days are pretty special. It's pretty special for those kids. It's pretty special for me, having a daughter with Down Syndrome.'"
4thebirds... It was quite at Busch Stadium, being in attendance, witnessing yet another "Buddy Walk" homer by Albert Pujols. Couldn't help put post a comment at the linked article:

Still there is doubt that Babe Ruth actually pointed to the outfield and delivered a home run for a sick child, but there is absolutely no doubt that Albert Pujols has promised and delivered not one, but many home runs for these Downs children. This is one of those rare occasions when the man is actually bigger than the game, and then, that man crosses the plate and points to the sky.

What more could a fan ask for?

  • a beautiful day in St. Louis
  • a Cardinals victory
  • Albert Pujols Bobblehead Day
  • Walk in the Park day
  • an Albert Pujols home run on Walk in the Park Day

The Derrick Goold article gives the stats on Pujols' success on this Downs awareness day held annually at Busch Stadium, including Albert's personal take on the event.